Famous People with Aspergers and Their Achievements

Having the diagnosis of Aspergers or High-Functioning Autism can be devastating for the parents of children who wonder what will happen to their child as he or she grows. In fact, there have been many known or speculated individuals with Aspergers that have made positive achievements in several areas of society.

Vernon L. Smith was a professor and researcher in Economics who had Aspergers. He eventually went on to collect the Nobel Prize in economics in 2002. He authored or co-authored several books related to economic theory.

Tajiri Satoshi is a Japanese game designer with Aspergers. He developed a passion for video games as a young person and eventually became the creator of the Pokeman characters and game despite his diagnosis.

Several authors in the world have known Aspergers. Sometimes writing becomes an outlet for those with Aspergers because verbal communication is more difficult for them. They tend to be more solitary and then learn to express themselves in the written word.

Music is another way some Aspergers individuals express themselves. Craig Nichols is a musician and front man for the garage band “The Vines”. Other Aspergers sufferers go on to become accomplished concert musicians or pianists.

It has been speculated that Sir Isaac Newton, Hans Christian Anderson and Thomas Jefferson all suffered from the syndrome. Each took their disability and found ways to shine through and express themselves in social and other situations that led to their success in several fields.

Having Aspergers doesn’t mean that a child is doomed to be “disabled.” Often, a bit of encouragement and playing to their strengths on the part of parents and teachers can give Aspergers children the self-esteem it takes to succeed in whatever area intrigues them.

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