Tools to Develop Fine and Gross Motor Skills in Kids on the Spectrum

Most kids with Asperger’s and High-Functioning Autism have a history of delayed acquisition of motor skills (e.g., hand writing, pedaling a bike, tying shoe laces, catching a ball, opening jars, climbing monkey-bars, etc.), which is called “motor clumsiness.” These young people are often visibly awkward, exhibiting rigid gait patterns, odd posture, poor manipulative skills, and significant deficits in visual-motor coordination. 

For those parents of kids that have trouble with fine motor skills (e.g., handwriting) as well as gross motor skills (e.g., balancing), here are our top 10 picks for items that will assist in this matter:

Ring Toss Game - Kids Quoit Games - Improve Eye-Hand Coordination and Fine Motor Skills

Hundreds of Developmentally Age-Appropriate Activities Designed to Improve Fine Motor Skills

Helps children learn penmanship and bolsters creativity: trace practically anything!

30 Pegs for Learning Colors, Sorting Counting - 30pg Occupational Therapy Fine Motor Skills Activity

Stepping Stones 6-Pack – Balance and Eye Coordination - Training Tool & Physical Therapy

Active Monkey Balance Board

Stepping Buckets 6-Pack – Balance and Eye Coordination - Training Tool & Physical Therapy

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