Don't Feed Your Child's Desire to Push Your Buttons


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This is so true especially for the ADHD aspect. I wish it didn't take me 10 years to put on this poker face. lol The thing is I did reward him for good behavior. I would also give him $10 for any unsolisiticed compliment I got on him (and there were lots that I was happy to share with him). The problem with my son is his self esteem (because he fed into bad/rebellious behavior) which he knew was wrong but he was impulsive. So a heads up to the parent of the rebel. Kids don't learn unless they pay some consequences and they are going "to expect you to come to their aid". Don't because they pushed it to far. Teach them about "boundaries" and "consequences" but also tell them you love them a lot. They are sad that they are behaving this way (for attn and are not sure how to "fix it") because they've done this so long. Hopefully the maturity level will eventually "click or catch up" and they will learn to be looking for good attention and give out good attention and vibes. "Strike that, reverse it." has been our motto around here (especially for his negative thoughts). Also, getting your kid to realize he should live a clean life (no substances or alcohol) is important. It's even more harmful to their brains.

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