Surviving Summer Vacation: Strategies for Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum

It’s summer vacation time. Almost 3 months with your “special needs” child at home. What are you going to do with him? I know exactly what you’re thinking: it’s not that you don’t love him, or even that you don’t want him home …it’s just that everything changes when he is around “all day.” 
Sleep schedules change, there’s more fussing and fighting, more dirty clothes, more dishes, more stuff to pick up off the floor – and of course, there’s more “I’m BORED!”

We’ve compiled a series of articles and videos below that will help parents of children on the autism spectrum to not only survive the summer months – but to make them downright enjoyable. These suggestions take a tiny bit of time to implement initially, but they are so worth it! 

Surviving Summer Vacation: Strategies for Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum---
  1. Aspergers Children and Summer Vacation: 25 Tips for Parents 
  2. Summer Activities for Aspergers Children  
  3. Surviving the Summer with Kids on the Autism Spectrum: Tips for Parents  
  4. Aspergers Summer Camps  
  5. Aspergers Summer Camps for Teens  
  6. Preparing for Summer School: How to Advise Your Aspergers Child's Teacher  
  7. How To Help Aspergers Children Get The Most Out Of Summer Vacation  
  8. Helping Your Aspie's Teacher To Understand Your Child  
  9. Going on Vacation: 20 Tips for Parents with Aspergers Children  
  10. Helping Your Aspergers Child Get Ready to Return to School  
  11. How to Avoid "Back-to-School" Meltdowns and Tantrums  
  12. Helping Aspergers Children Avoid The "Back To School Jitters"
  13. Dealing with the "Back-to-School" Blues: Tips for Parents of Asperger's Kids 
Here’s to a great summer!

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