Quiz: Does your child have Aspergers?

1. Does your youngster tend to focus on one subject, to the exclusion of all others?

Yes - she latches onto one topic of interest and learns everything there is to know about it. She won't even think about something else!
No - she has some favorite topics, but displays a wide range of interests.

2. Does your youngster have difficulty interacting socially, particularly when it comes to nonverbal communication?

Yes - she seems unable to pick up cues in people's body language and vocal inflection.
No - she seems to be able to read the mood of a room pretty well, and understands what is and isn't appropriate in a conversation.

3. Does your youngster vary her vocal inflections, volume, or pitch?

No - she speaks in a monotone, regardless of the subject or the environment.
Yes - she shouts, whispers, laughs, whimpers, and more.

4. Does your youngster adhere to rigid, repetitive routines when it comes to everyday tasks?

Yes - everything has to be just so, from where we sit for breakfast to her bedtime routines.
No - she's pretty free and easy with her daily routine.

5. How are your youngster's motor skills developing?

A. She's a little behind other kids her age.
B. She's right where she should be.

6. Does your youngster understand idiomatic expressions, such as slang terms and figures of speech?

No - she takes everything literally.
Yes - if she doesn't know them right away, she easily learns their meanings.

7. Does your youngster show an interest in playing with others?

Yes - she's always engaging with other kids.
No - sometimes it's as though she doesn't realize there are other kids present.

8. How does your youngster's IQ compare to those of her peers?

9. How old was your youngster when you first suspected she might have Aspergers?

A. Three years old or younger.
B. Older than three years.

10. Are there any cases of Aspergers in your family history?



If at least 6 of your answers coincide with the answers below, your youngster may have Aspergers:

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. No
4. Yes
5. A.
6. No
7. No
8. A.
9. A.
10. Yes

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