Asperger's Support Groups and Organizations

  1. Aspergers Support Groups - Here you will find contact information for Aspergers and Autism support groups in locations around the world. 
  2. ACTION for ASD - Offering advice, information, support, social events and training -- 2001 awarded almost £280,000 by UK funders -- Community Fund to develop our services at a professional level across Lancashire UK. 
  3. Advocates for Individuals with High Functioning Autism - Asperger's Syndrome and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Corp., Long Island, New York -- Parent group whose primary purpose is to support one another as we advocate for the unique needs of children and adults with High Functioning Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders. 
  4. AHA/AS/PDD - The Advocates for Individuals with High Functioning Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Corp., Long Island, New York -- Parent group whose primary purpose is to support one another as they advocate for the unique needs of children and adults with High Functioning Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders. 
  5. Aromacaring - Health issues including complementary therapies for special needs 
  6. Asociacion Asperger Granada - Pagina web de la asociacion asperger de Granada España 
  7. Asperger Advocates - Asperger Advocates is a support group for families of children with Asperger's Syndrome. This group serves the York County area of Pennsylvania. 
  8. Asperger Friends - Asperger's Friends in Hunterdon County NJ is the chance to meet with new friends that have Asperger Syndrome. 
  9. Asperger Help - The mission of Asperger Help is to be a center for people seeking answers, sharing knowledge, understanding the process, and educating others about several disorders on the spectrum such as Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, Tourettes, and more. 
  10. asperger solution - Adolescence represents the most dangerous time for our children . They are at their most vulnerable and the education system is at its most demanding .The health system is not geared up to deal with the fall-out: The incidence of Depression is high. Prevention is the only show in town. 
  11. Asperger Syndrome Coalition of the U.S. (ASC-US) - We are a national non-profit organization committed to providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on Asperger Syndrome and related conditions, including: Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) High Functioning Autism (HFA) Nonverbal 
  12. Asperger Syndrome Education Network, Inc. (ASPEN®) - ASPEN ® is a regionally-based non-profit organization headquartered in New Jersey, with 12 local chapters, providing families and those individuals affected with Asperger Syndrome, PDD-NOS, High Functioning Autism, and related disorders. 
  13. Aspergers Syndrome Support Group, Western Australia - Support group based in Western Australia for the Parents/carers of those with Aspergers Syndrome. Site provides contact details for the group. The group has a resource library with books, CD's, tapes related to Aspergers Syndrome. 
  14. ASPIE of Texas - Asperger's Syndrome support group for the greater Houston area. Meets the 2nd Thursday of the month at Williams Trace Baptist Church in Sugar Land. Speakers and great information each month. 
  15. Autism Asperger Associates of Michigan - Social skill training, recreation groups, therapy services and family workshops. 
  16. Berkshire Autistic Society - UK -- Berkshire Autistic Society (BAS) is a support and action group for the parents and carers of children and adults with autism, autism related problems, Asperger Syndrome or challenging behaviour. 
  17. Cloud 9 Children's Foundation - Asperger Syndrome Foundation. New Zealand 
  18. Families for Early Autism Treatment - North Texas - (FEAT-NT) Bedford, Texas -- A non-profit organization of parents and concerned professionals dedicated to providing world-class Education, Advocacy, and Support for children with autism and their families. 
  19. Families of Adults Afflicted with Asperger's Syndrome - FAAAS, Inc., Centerville, MA -- Chapter information, calendar, mailing list and resources lists. 
  21. Geneva Centre for Autism - Toronto, Canada -- Resources, support and training for Autism/PDD. Committed to collaborative partnerships with families and professionals to ensure services meet individual needs, the Centre mission is to empower individuals with autism and other related disorders, and their families, to fully participate in their communities. 
  22. GRASP Southeast Iowa Network (Iowa City/Coralville) - A support group for adults on the autistic spectrum. We meet monthly to support each other through discussion, information, and advocacy. We are a local network of the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership (GRASP). 
  23. International Parents of Aspergers Syndrom Support Group - Online Message Board to Discuss Aspergers 
  24. K12academics.com - An Education and Disability Resource Center for Teachers, Schools, Parents & Students throughout the U.S. 
  25. Kiss My Asperger's - A Yahoo Group dedicating to bringing together adults with Asperger's Syndrome. 
  26. New Zealand Aspergers Chat Community - An online or email discussion group for New zealanders to chat about aspergers Syndrome and related issues. 
  27. Online Asperger Syndrome Information & Support (tm) OASIS -- O.A.S.I.S. is a very extensive, award winning site containing news, message boards, resources, and links. 
  28. Richard Howlin, Ph.D. - Chelsea Center for Learning Disorders, Chelsea, Michigan -- Areas of Diagnostic Expertise include Asperger Syndrome, Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorders 
  29. Tantra, Intimacy and Asperger's Syndrome Project - Educational programs in sexuality, tantra and intimate relationships. 
  30. The Autism Treatment Center of America - The Son-Rise Program is a highly effective method for helping children with Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and related developmental challenges that has been achieving dramatic results for over 25 years. 
  31. The Friendship Club - This social group is for teens and young adults 13 year of age and older in Oakland County, Michigan. 
  32. University Students With Autism And Asperger's Syndrome - Cambridge, UK -- First person accounts, FAQ and Books, The University-Students-With-Autism-And-Asperger's-Syndrome Mailing List, Getting A Diagnosis, Associated Conditions, Study Skills For Students With HFA/AS, Surviving the University Environment, How To Be An Advocate In Your Spare Time. 
  33. WAAS - Western Australia Autism Support Group - We are a group of West Australian parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. 
  34. Wallingford, CT Aspergers Support Group - A support group that meets monthly in Wallingford, CT for adults with Asperger's Syndrome 
  35. West Hills Montessori School - Special Education - We have montessori, special education, summer camps and more. Check our website or call for details. 
  36. Westchester County, NY Asperger E-mail Support - This group is moderated by a Certified School Psychologist who has done an extensive amount of work with children who have been diagnosed with Asperger/Autistic/PDD. There is also a Licenced/Certified Speech Language Pathologist with the group. It is a wonderful place for parents, educators, and anyone who works with children with these Autism Spectrum Disorders or with children who have some symptoms but are not diagnosed.

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Anonymous said...

My son has not been formerly diagnosed with aspergers, but everyone of our family therapists, psychiatrist, pediatrician, etc, all think he's got aspergers. He is 9 years old and has all the symptoms. There's a problem though: even though aspergers is strongly suspected, the wait list for testing can take up to six months to happen. Are there any special circumstances where testing can be given a shove into emergency overdrive? Things are becoming worse everyday. My son not only has every symptom, he also has NOS and ODD and mood disorder which makes things a thousand times harder. He physically attacks people, especially me and his two year old brother. He has no concept of boundaries and becomes easily agitated at any given time. If someone breathes wrong, he goes ballistic. It is becoming very dangerous and creates a safety hazard for his brother. If it were just me, I would be able to handle it better, but since there is a toddler involved, well, it is seemingly impossible to focus all of my time on either one of them. Therapy is not working. I say that because we have had in home therapy for over two years now. Meds do not do anything, either. He is also doing respite twice a week to give me a break from chaos, but it's not really a break to me because as soon as he comes back from respite, he starts lashing out. Never doing what he is told EVER. I call the police like every other day and it's exhausting to call the police for help all the time when they don't even do anything but nag me about it. But if I don't call them, I get in trouble by our family therapists. I just can't win. It's clear that he needs more help than I am able to provide, but nothing helpful is ever done. He is a great kid, when he wants to be, but that is very rare. I don't know how much more our family can take. He doesn't want to act the way he does, but he can't help it and it isn't his fault. I completely understand that fact, but it does not make it okay to just sit back and wait for something really bad to happen. His behavior is unbearable and very unsafe.

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