Learn the Difference Between Behavior Problems and Food Allergies

Is your son or daughter with Asperger’s (High-Functioning Autism) often defiant and easily frustrated? If so, have you simply labeled your child's behavior as mere disobedience - and reprimanded him or her accordingly? You may be nagging up the wrong tree.

In this post, you will discover the critical issues associated with allergy-related behavioral problems, such as digestive function, how your child's doctor can test for food allergies, and how you can eliminate the cause.

As one mother stated, “I am a firm believer that diet affects our Asperger’s children. I have had mine on a low- gluten diet for 2 months now & he is a very different child!!! He is happy, more attentive & is interacting well w/ peers. Temper is also MUCH better & easier to control. I opted for low-gluten because he is only 6, and ADHD med he is on decreases his appetite already, making him very small for his age. Even this small change in his diet has helped tremendously!!”

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