Reasons for "Bad" Behavior in Aspergers and HFA Children

“Does Aspergers come and go? I have a 5 year old tentatively diagnosed with Aspergers, but while he's always special, there are weeks when it's like a switch is turned on and everything turns 'bad' - these are the times when we struggle to enjoy him as a person. His resilience becomes very low, he argues with everything we say, he refuses to play at all with others nicely ...well you know the sort of symptoms. But then after a week or so, the switch goes again and he's back to loveable with a few quirks! Is this normal?”

In this post, we will look at:
  • anxiety
  • social limitations
  • limitations in the ability to grasp social cues
  • a highly rigid style of thinking
  • limitations in generalizing from one situation to another 
  • and much more

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