Home-schooling Resources for Parents with Kids on the Autism Spectrum

“I have a grandson who is 10 years old, diagnosed with PDD and Asperger’s when he was 5. Currently we are home schooling him and intend to continue however which online learning programs would best fit for language, math, science and writing. We had him in school however in our area they have taken away special classrooms and have assigned regular teachers with special aides when needed. Too many changes took place and he was unable to cope thus the homeschooling. We tried to enroll him in the Virtual classroom, but they could not accept him because his IEP indicates that he has a modified curriculum in English and math. We have him doing courses from Time 4 Learning and Adapted Mind for math. Is there any more out there that are visual learning?”

Here are several homeschooling resources for parents with kids on the autism spectrum:

Watch Me Learn teaches kids social skills, language skills, functional skills, motor skills, and much more! Full-scale video-based social skills curriculum for kids. Includes lesson plans, user guide, student workbooks, and other activities. Each teaching module is presented in three instructional levels. Learning becomes fun when using their videos and supporting multi-sensory products. www.watchmelearn.com

Triple Stories provides a simple way for moms and dads and professionals to create visual support, such as social stories, visual instructions, or presentations of new situations or individuals when facing transitions. Triple Stories comes with a picture library of over 500 customized pictures, which you can easily combine with text boxes and speech or thought bubbles. You can also draw your own pictures or edit pictures from the picture library. www.triplestories.com

The DT Trainer (DTT) is like having an extra teaching assistant in the classroom or home. The product incorporates principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) enabling independent use by some of the most challenging to educate individuals. The DTT is used in over 1100 school districts, hundreds of private institutions, & thousands of homes from young kids to adults whom are developmentally 2-9 years old. There are over 256 content programs 100s of selectable reinforcers. www.dttrainer.com

The Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia (ACE) is a comprehensive web-based educational application.  Based on close to 40 years of curriculum development, research and implementation, the ACE includes assessment tools, customizable lesson plans, and data-based reporting systems. The ACE is being used by consultants, private, public and collaborative schools, including the Boston and New York City Public schools.  The ACE is your affordable, online curriculum solution for students with autism. www.necc.org

The Activity Trainer (AT) teaches skills improving acquisition rates across a wide verity of skills like academic, daily living, social, recreation, communication, and vocational. The Activity Trainer makes Video Modeling (VM) practical. The AT is the first designed player for video modeling supporting task analysis, sequences, data collection, and organization by student. There are over 300 activities in the product and you also have the ability to create your own. www.dttrainer.com

Apex Spectrum Guide is a comprehensive, customizable, online Applied Behavior Analysis program designed to help kids with autism spectrum disorder overcome their communication, cognitive and behavioral challenges.  Features include a comprehensive curriculum from the most basic behavioral skills to communication to advanced cognition; dozens of programs, hundreds of goals and thousands of targets and pictures; fully integrated interfering behaviors module; comprehensive assessment, goal plans, lesson preparation, and data collection and reporting. www.apexspectrumguide.com

ABPathfinder revolutionizes Autism therapy through applied technology. Cloud-based software dramatically improves the efficiency and effectiveness of Autism therapy by significantly reducing paperwork and improving data outcomes. Baselines, discrete trials, real-time data collection and graphing, customizable skillsets – all of the complex processes of ABA therapy in a comprehensive package built specifically for therapy professionals. ABPathfinder puts therapists in front of kids instead of paper, ensuring they get the help they need. Better therapy tools result in better outcomes for kids. www.ABPathfinder.com

TenMarks is an intuitive, interactive, and fun way for students to practice, learn, and master math. www.tenmarks.com

TeachTown has computer-aided educational software products for kids with autism. TeachTown Basics offers over 800 computer lessons and 500 off computer activities in six key learning domains Language Development, Adaptive Skills, Social Emotional, Cognitive Skills, Language Arts, and Mathematics. TeachTown Social Skills is a new video modeling-based social skills program that combines a rigorous curricula with broadcast quality animation and engaging storytelling. web.teachtown.com

Skills® is an online tool for educators of kids with autism that provides comprehensive assessment and  curriculum, positive behavior support planning for challenging behavior, progress tracking and treatment evaluation all in one place. www.skillsforautism.com

Simple Steps is a world leader in building teaching tools for moms and dads. Our online tool offers help, and hope, to the parents of kids on the autism spectrum. Based on the proven-science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and supported by internationally-renowned experts, Simple Steps helps you begin your journey towards a better life for your child and your family. www.simplestepsautism.com

Phillip Roy Academy is an online school that functions as a curriculum for students supervised by moms and dads. It can be used at school or in the home to teach the students the necessary values and information in relation to Life Skills, Academics, Employability and Pre-School. www.philliproyacademy.com

Patrick's Academy offers a rich computer based curriculum that kids can enjoy as they learn needed skills. Registered students with the academy will be provided unlimited usage of the lessons. www.patricksacademy.org

Neuropath Learning creates web-based, real world educational programs for kids with autism. Their programs offer cognitive learning activities that pair visual and auditory stimulus. Kids with autism who have used their programs have improved in social communication, expressive and receptive language, reading, and focus. www.neuropathlearning.com

Keys to Words will help you understand the English language, making communication easier and happier for you. Keys to Words offers and illustrated dictionary of the small common words of the English language. Never before has every meaning of the most difficult to understand words been presented in an easy format, fun and guaranteed to improve any student's English.  www.keys2words.info

Jacob's lessons is an effective way to teach young kids with autism beginning computer skills, and is useful as a complement to ABA programs. These activities were created so that the adult works with the child during the lesson, not as an independent activity for the child. www.jacobslessons.com

Gr8Speech Inc. utilizes secure, video-conferencing technology to provide live, highly interactive and individualized Speech Therapy services in your home, school, office or anywhere you have internet access. All of their Gr8 Speech therapists are state licensed and certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, specifically trained in the delivery of TeleSpeech. Contact them for a FREE screening and see if Gr8 Speech can be YOUR online solution to Speech Therapy.  www.gr8speech.com

GCompris is a high quality educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for kids aged 2 to 10. Some of the activities are game orientated, but nonetheless still educational. Currently GCompris offers in excess of 100 activities and more are being developed. GCompris is free software so you can adapt it to your own needs, improve it and, most importantly, share it with kids everywhere. gcompris.net

Friends Like You. Friends Like Me. is an educational community outreach initiative of Children's Specialized Hospital, designed to help educate kids about autism spectrum disorder and provide the tools necessary to facilitate friendships among children. This program encourages recognition of children's similarities, reinforces the common desire to be accepted and have friends, demystifies autism in an age-appropriate manner, and promotes inclusion, respect, and friendship between kids of all abilities in all facets of their lives. www.childrens-specialized.org

Monarch Teaching Technologies is the maker of VizZle, a new and innovative web-based learning system for those with autism. VizZle lets you create and share evidence-based interactive visual lessons that drive achievement. www.monarchteachtech.com

Medikidz is the world's first Medical Education publisher for children. We explain medicine to young people in a way that they can understand. Written by doctors, for kids! www.medikidz.com

Look at Me Now allows users to make a movie to improve the life of a child with Autism. Using a quick and easy system teachers, moms and dads or professionals can make a personalized video self-model (VSM) movie. Kids enjoy seeing themselves successful and enjoying activities within the movies while parents and professionals enjoy the amazing success their child demonstrates after viewing the movie. Titles include "Going to the Dentist," and "Using the Toilet." www.lookatmenow.org

Autism Education and Behavior Training Services understands the emotional struggles you face each day.  They provide educational training products for the dedicated people working with those affected by autism and other developmental disabilities.  They make all their DVD’s affordable and easy to use so everyone can take advantage of them. No formal education or training is required to be successful with their programs. www.autismeducationandbehaviortrainingservices.com

Life Skills Winner teaches social and life skills to autistic and special needs individuals. It does this interactively via a game format. Whenever you complete a step you get points. With those points, you can redeem a prize that the parent/teacher has put in the app (like Candy for 100pts). The parent/teacher gives the prize to the child once it has been redeemed. www.lifeskillswinner.com

Educationcity.com is the leading online teaching and learning resource. Their mission is to delight kids across the globe with the opportunity of learning, to engage and inspire kids in their personal development, and to empower teachers and parents to nurture our future generation! us.educationcity.com

Autism Unlocked was created by experienced ASD professionals who continue to work within the field.  Autism Unlocked has successfully merged technology and an ASD classroom tested format for learning.  Autism Unlocked is the first website for ASD users that will teach specific conversation and communication skills while providing a fun and motivational format.  Autism Unlocked will require users to compete learning activities before gaining access to the fun page.  The fun side of the website will have video clips, music, a drawing pad, and much more. www.autismunlocked.com

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