Rigidity in Children with ASD Level 1 [High-Functioning Autism]

Have you ever wondered why your child can be so stubborn? Here's why:


Anonymous said...
Thank you! This describes my son to a T! He had a meltdown last night because I hadn't warned him that a meeting was starting 1/2 hour earlier than he was used to. This helps explain that!

Anonymous said...
I have a 6 1/2 year old that has just been diagnosed last week with Asperger's, we were told from age 13 months when we adopted him that people thought he was Asperger's but never got a diagnosis, it has been a very trying few years let me tell you! I know nothing about Asperger's and would really like some support, reading some of the articles below and comments alot of them sound like my son! If nothing else it's nice to read that my son isnt the only child with these issues, meltdowns are a major problem we have had with him...any comments and idea's / help is appreciated

Anonymous said...
My son is 13 years old and was just diagnosed about a month ago.........I always had a feeling however it still took forever for the diagnoses. One thing I have found is routine is imperative........When we do change up his schedule I always give him a heads up prior to the change and that makes all the difference in the world!! Meltdowns use to happen almost daily, now it's about once every 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...
I never knew much about Asperger's at all but have been told by different people that have worked with Zak that they thought he might be that, but getting a diagnosis from a doctor takes forever! Honestly when he gave me that diagnosis I was relieved but yet worried that I don't know what to do for Zak. he has had MAJOR meltdowns and is better on Concerta and all the other meds he takes (which I feel like a drug store) but still has them daily, its like he wants everything to be his way, he actually told me the other day he doesnt want to live here because we wont give him his way all the time, I keep saying its like he is a spoiled brat?? though we do give him a lot we try to be firm with him.

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