Emails from Parents Regarding PC Tattletale

“After learning hearing so much about the chat rooms, my space, FaceBook and other sites kids frequent today I became concerned with my child on the computer for hours at a time. Purchasing PC Tattletale put my mind at ease. I now know who my child chats with, what they say and of course the web sites he visits.”

“Although I have good kids, I know they are susceptible to influences from others and sometimes don't use good judgment in what the post on the internet. This way I can keep an eye on everything to make sure they are safe and not getting involved in anything questionable.”

‘As a parent it is our responsibility to teach our kids about internet safety. But, I do also understand that some kids don't realize the true consequences of the harm that can happen when they talk to strangers or view harmful material online. By using this monitoring software I am able to see if my kids are at risk to any predators online. I looked into several other programs and so far PC Tattletale has the best features.”

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‘As moms and dads we have the right to know exactly what our kids are doing on the internet. It's nothing different than getting to know their friends and find out what they are doing. The internet is great but also can be very dangerous, and PC Tattletale has helped me understand my child's way of thinking and also be on the watch out mode for friends that I don't want her hanging out with.”

“Being a single mother, it gives me an extra set of eyes to protect my kids. I know there are a lot of moms and dads that would be surprised what their kids are doing. I was and I'm glad I was able to put a stop to it by using PC Tattletale.”

‘I always wanted to know what my child did online - but I felt it was an invasion of his space. But after a Dr. Phil show where he said I had an obligation to know so I bought the program and boy am I glad I did!’

“I am one of the computer experts in my Church and I have received many inquiries regarding how to monitor child activities. I did some research and selected your product because it looked like it would do what others in my Church are looking for. It does and I am now recommending it to others. I also am considering holding some educational sessions to help them install and use your software effectively. The screen captures feature has given me great insight into usage of the family PC. We home school and this feature has helped us to discover and correct times when some of our kids were "playing games" during school time instead of actively doing their school work.”

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“I believe even the most trusted teenager needs to be monitored. A mother should always be one step ahead of their child/kids. It makes it a lot easy to tackle a situation, than a problem.”

“I believe in the adage "trust, yet verify" and that is exactly what this software allows me to do. I feel better knowing that as of yet my childs relationships with older teens are above board. They are not trying to persuade her to do things that I feel are inappropriate. I know that if an inappropriate situation should arise, I will be able to protect my child from her own naivety.”

“I bought the program, for the concern of my grandchilds, aged 13 & 15. When at my house, they spend a lot of time on, and other questionable web sites, which greatly concern me. For my own peace of mind, (with my childs consent), I decided to purchase this program, to monitor them. I think it's a wonderful program, and I’m thrilled to be able to know who they are chatting with and who they are emailing. My child and I are quite happy with the results.”

“I consider monitoring my kids's activities on the computer to have saved one of my kids lives or from being abducted. My 2nd oldest child, when she was 13, (She turned 14 in April) had a chat with someone in a kid's chat room. He wrote to her that he was around 16 years old and in High School. He also lied about his location. After a while he wrote her a personal e-mail with things that a 13 year old shouldn't have read but made it sound like he wanted to be her boyfriend, etc. After doing some research on the computer myself, I found out this guy was 32 years old and lived in the same city as us! I was in shock and I admit, Upset!”

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‘I feel that there is too much pornography on the internet, and way too easy to access. I therefore decided to try out your product to ensure all kinds of unsuited material would be inaccessible from our personal computer. The program was good at preventing the material reaching our PC too.”

“I have not been able to find another program that has all of the features this one has. My favorite is the screen recording, but I use them all. We've told our child over and over that the 16-yr-old girl talking to him on the internet may very well be a 50-yr-old man, looking for little boys who are gullible enough to believe him. With this program, there may still be a chance for someone to contact him once, but with me checking the recordings every day, I can end it before something bad happens.”

‘I like the fact that it is hidden and only I can access it and see all that goes on the computer and Internet It’s a great program!’

“I like using the PC Tattletale because I feel more at ease knowing that I will be seeing whatever my child sees and I will be able to help him should he need help. The scary part is that I have learned that there are a lot more predators than I first realized!’

“I purchased this software just in time. The insight the documentation provided allowed me to know what was going on and reference it thru possible other methods of access. I turned my child's attitude around just in time before she could have back strongly influenced by the wrong crowd of people. PC Tattletale offered great insight into what my child was thinking and feeling - rather than what she was telling me.”

“I told my kids I was putting tattletale on our computer. Knowing that I am monitoring has worked well. Before PC Tattletale I found them on sites I didn't approve of occasionally, but with PC Tattletale they stay away from those sites. PC tattletale has made me feel much more comfortable with my kids being online. I don't feel like they are going to be the targets of the many bad things that I know can happen on the net.”

“I tried many different programs and they either didn't work or were very difficult to install. PC Tattletale was extremely easy to install and worked right away. PC Tattletale has given me peace of mind. I no longer have to worry if there is something or someone trying to hurt my kids.”

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“I was a computer consultant starting in 1997, and was going to many homes in the Atlanta area, and saw how many kids were just given free rein on the 'net, simply because moms and dads were unaware of HOW to see or monitor what they were doing. I saw horrible stuff that parents had no idea about. Already, I've told at least 20 or so people about PC Tattletale PC monitoring software in about 2 years.”

“I was concerned about my 15 y.o. child and who he was spending time with and what they were like. Turns out that many of them are dealing drugs and committing crimes. If I had not downloaded PC Tattletale I never would have known what my sons and his friends were up to. He has since stopped hanging with these kids who now have all been arrested on several occasions. My child is now spending his spare time in an organized sport that he is really enjoying while his ex friends are spending time reporting to a probation officer.”

“It gives you a sense of security in knowing that you are taking care of your kids while they are online. I loved the fact that it was so simple to use. I can't believe that it kept track of all the information.”

“It has helped me keep an eye on where he goes and I can also check MySpace sites by following where he has been. It just makes me feel more at ease knowing that I can see everything that goes on.”

“It is good to see what the kids are up to and if they are listening to the rules of the computer use and respecting your request. I like that I can see everything that is going on and what is being said in the chats and emails. My husband had a very ugly divorce and his ex is very bitter and with held access to his kids for over 5-years, now that the child has come to live with us we need to be able to monitor what is going on, because the child did not come without many issues.”

“My child does not know about the PC Tattletale program. Seeing where she goes, and says online helps me with "stories" and the "hypothetical scenarios" to teach her the importance of not abusing the internet or accessing inappropriate web sites.”

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“My wife and I felt like we were in the dark with our child's life and the people that she hung around. We caught her lying about things she was doing and places she was going. So now since she basically lives on the computer, we know exactly what's going on at all times. PC Tattletale is the only way you're going to know what is going on all of the time. It's amazing all of the small details that get left out when talking to your child directly. It has helped build a trust. Our child knows that in order to use the computer, she has to have it monitored which has helped tremendously.”

“PC Tattletale has enabled me to give them more freedom on the web and teaches them to use their good judgment in selecting what they do online. They know they will be held accountable for their actions, and if they get into something they shouldn't then PC tattletale is there as a safety net to allow me to protect them from something that might harm them.”

“PC Tattletale has helped me keep an eye on where he goes and I can also check people's MySpace sites by following where he has been.”

“PC Tattletale has helped me to understand how my child is using the computer and the extent of their relationships online. I learned something very unexpected. It helped me to understand how my child thinks while doing homework. I was able to see how many times during the course of doing homework they got distracted by instant messages, music videos and web surfing. No wonder very little homework was getting done!”

“PC Tattletale is the best parental control I have ever seen; with the added benefit that it also records activity so I can see where my kids are going and what they are doing. If I don't watch my kids and correct them when they are wrong then they will think that their actions have no consequences.”

“PC Tattletale just makes me feel more at ease knowing that I can see everything that goes on MySpace is very popular among teens and the more I go through the many teens that display drugs and tell all I wonder where all the parents are. I have found a lot of information concerning my child’s friends and plans, so I think every mother should have a copy on the computer and find out what their child is doing.”

“PC Tattletale keeps you informed on what your kids deal with at school and helps you to understand situations and also provides material to discuss with them. I love being able to easily read their emails and chatting. It has brought up situations to discuss with our child regarding the use of bad language, the issues dealt with at school with friends, etc. I love it. Also, it is very easy to use.”

“Thanks pc tattletale for saving my child from going down the right path. Had I not downloaded your software I would never have know the extent of his friend’s illegal activity. Thanks for helping me be a better mother.”

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“The installation and interface were very smooth and easy to use and geared more towards home/family use rather than office/employer/employee like comparable software. The single license for two computers was an awesome bonus. Especially compared to some other software in this category. When I accidentally downloaded and installed an older version of the software, I was notified by you and informed that I had the wrong version. The notification also included the links I needed to get the correct one and instructions necessary to remove and reinstall the software.”

“The latest information about FaceBook, MySpace, etc in addition to the publicity about chat rooms and unmonitored IM among kids and others who pose as kids made my wife and me decide we need to monitor much more closely. PC Tattletale had everything we wanted. We need to mandate accountability in our kids and they need to know that the internet is not a private site--that everything they do and say is monitored by someone, and it might as well be their moms and dads catching them before something wrong happens. It is easy to use and monitors our kids's every move. This will let us keep our kids safe, teach them important lessons so they don't fall, and also let them learn that honesty and morality are always better than sneaking around accompanied by borderline behavior.”

“There is simply no time for naivety in our society. With all of the temptations placed upon our kid's via the internet, we can't just assume that they're not succumbing to that temptation. We must put our kids 1st, at all cost... and if they lose a little privacy as part of that cost, so be it!”

“You can see everything that happen on pc and give the mother the opportunity to speak with kids (or block) if necessary. This software just give me more peace of mind. I also think this software is affordable - especially with the fact that you can monitor 2 pc's!”

“You might be surprised at what you find out is not what you expected. Thanks so much.”

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