Aspergers & Depression

Depression is one comorbid condition of Aspergers and it is one disorder which is seen in almost every person suffering from Aspergers. This very disorder makes its appearance when the youngster with Aspergers is as young as three years of age and the parents will find that the youngster is prone to crying several times a day. This number can be more than twenty or thirty times in a single day and that too for the most trivial reasons. The youngster is unable to explain as to why he or she is crying as one with Aspergers has a difficulty in expressing their own feelings.

Soon enough it is likely that the youngster will begin to talk about death wishes and all of this will worsen as the youngster is admitted to school and when he or she faces the situation where he or she has to interact socially with the teachers as well as the other students of the same age. This depression can get really aggressive when the youngster might start talking about killing himself or herself or the person on whom he or she gets mad.

It is not very clear as to why Aspergers causes depression in a person but several reasons can come together to bring about the effects. The people who suffer from Aspergers are usually found to have anxiety disorder as well and this can be a reason as to why he or she gets depressed over trivialities. Being anxious all the time can cause a lot of stress and this often leads to depression even in those that do not have Aspergers.

Another reason, that may cause depression in a person with Aspergers, is the realization of being different from the rest of the people that live around them. When a youngster with Aspergers begins to go to school he or she realizes that the other kids can do a lot of things that he or she cannot and they start to feel that they are different. Again they are also unable to express their own feelings which will lead to frustration and gradually to depression for sure. Depression is caused within these kids and adults as they feel that everybody around them speak in a very different language and they also fail to get the social norms which everybody else follows pretty easily.

The best thing which can be done to help these kids and adults with Aspergers to cope with depression is to first know as much as one can about the Syndrome and then allow the youngster or the person to take breaks from school and from work. The youngster might enjoy long walks alone or a visit to the cafeteria and these are to be granted to him by the parents as well as the teachers. The people around the youngster and the adult with Aspergers can also talk with him or her about his or her favorite topic and also narrate funny stories every now and then to keep them at ease and in a jovial mood.

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