Helping Your Aspie's Teacher To Understand Your Child

By the time your Aspergers child reaches the age where he is going to school, you’ll have several years of experience figuring-out what works and what doesn’t work in managing him. While your child’s teacher understands the fundamentals of teaching, he/she will be lacking in crucial information about Aspergers and what works best in certain circumstances. This means that you have information to share with the teacher -- and the time to do that is before (or very near) the time your son enters the classroom.

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Unknown said...

Please please please. It's the end of the first week of school with my first Asperger's student. I feel like I'm working so blind here. I know, I know, the phone goes both ways...It just seems such a naive act of trust, to put a child like this into the care of a stranger without any attempt to ensure the child will be understood.

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