Aspergers Teens Will Test Your Patience

Aspergers (high functioning autism) teens that regularly test the patience of their mother and/or father do so for a variety of reasons. For example, they:
  • are asserting themselves and their independence
  • are protecting themselves
  • are stiff and rule-oriented and acting like little adults
  • are testing whether their parents will enforce the rules
  • can’t "fit-in" with their peer group, or they can’t get through the school day without a significant degree of anxiety, thus when they return home at the end of the school day they slip into meltdown
  • face similar academic problems as students with Attention Deficit Disorder due to their distractibility and difficulty organizing materials
  • feel a sense of pain, loneliness and despair, which can lead to significant behavioral problems at home or school (or both)
  • feel bad about themselves

In any event, parents can do a few things to muster-up some much needed patience:

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