Asperger’s and HFA Students: Crucial Tips for Teachers

Tips for Teachers with Students on the Autism Spectrum

In this post, we will explore the following categories, and how teachers can effectively guide and instruct the child with Asperger's and High-Functioning Autism:

1. Social Aspects

2. Communication Difficulties

3. Clumsiness

4. Stress and the Environment

5. Intellectual Functioning

6. Obsessional Interests

7. Special Arrangements for Examinations
  • The examination room
  • Extra time
  • Presentation of examination papers
  • Use of language in question papers
  • Prompting of the student when it is time to move on to the next question
  • Word-processing and handwriting
  • Oral tests

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Unknown said...

I am a grandmother of a 10 year old boy diagnosed with Aspergers. He also has high anxiety and sensory problems. This year at school my daughter had a very difficult time with the teachers and most of the school personnel. They put her down saying her son was just pushing her buttons and worst of all they just wouldn't accept Dylons problems. He was so traumatized the last two weeks of school, that he even ran off from the school grounds one day and walked home. We just don't know where to turn for help. So now they have moved to a different town so Dylon can go to a different school. We have word they have a better program. We hope.

Anonymous said...

Hi Claudia,

If it is an option to you, you can also homeschool. We originally were not open to that idea but we went to an open house to learn more and realized that we had many misconceptions. We tried it for a year and it was a blessing. His self esteem improved his anxiety was reduced and he received academic awards. Aspy's can learn easier with a TECH style of learning (like with computers). We went through k-12 program, everything was free. The program sent us a computer, printer and curriculum. He has a teacher and takes all of his state required assessments. You can receive an intervention specialist for testing. Anyway, we went through several school changes and it was a very stressful and painful process. I hope your situation is better at a new school. Best of luck to you

Unknown said...

AI would like more information on homeschool for my grandson who has aspergers autism. he is haveing lots of trouble with school. I need to find out how to homeschool and where to get info. thank you

Unknown said...

Hello. What is the name of the school that your child did at home?

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