Helping Resistant Kids on the Autism Spectrum with Transitions

A stopwatch or a timer can be an effective countdown tool for helping children with Asperger’s of High-Functioning Autism to transition to the next activity. While a digital timer may be an appropriate choice for older kids, it not be well suited for younger ones who need a clear, visual representation of time. That’s why the “Time Timer” works great.

Before you use the timer, let your youngster know what it’s for. Let him know that the timer keeps track of when he needs to switch activities (e.g., “When the timer goes off, it is time for you to stop playing your video game and get ready for bed”). When using the timer, it’s also important that you provide warning signals (e.g., ringing of a soft bell, gentle snapping of the fingers, etc.) when the time is almost over. This way, your youngster will be ready when the time runs out and will not feel surprised or rushed.

Here are our top picks for timing devices:

Time Timer Original 12 inch; 60 Minute Visual Analog Timer

Magnetic and Portable Time Management Tool

Time Timer Dry Erase Board

Time Timer Watch

Time Tracker Visual Timer & Clock

Time-Cube Timer, 5, 10, 20 and 30 Minutes for Time Management

Sand Timer - 6 Colors Hourglass Timer

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