Management Strategies for Employers with Employees on the Autism Spectrum

Do you have a person working for you who has Asperger’s (high functioning autism)? And, are you experiencing some issues in dealing with him or here?

Some of the difficulties that employees on the autism spectrum encounter include the following:
  • atypical body movements (e.g., fidgeting)
  • decreased concentration due to environmental distractions
  • difficulty communicating with co-workers or supervisors
  • difficulty exhibiting typical social skills on the job
  • difficulty managing stress in the workplace
  • difficulty managing time
  • difficulty performing many tasks at one time
  • difficulty recognizing faces
  • difficulty understanding abstract concepts (e.g., corporate structure, hierarchies of responsibility, reporting requirements)
  • memory deficits that can affect their ability to complete tasks, remember job duties, or recall daily actions or activities

Here are several important accommodation ideas that will help you get the most out of your “special needs” employee: 

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