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Hey there - my name is Eugene and I’m 16 - I’m looking for a friend, gender doesn’t matter, as long as I have someone who understands my struggles and is a true friend - I am rlly serious about this as I had
‘friends’ who backstabbed me and lied in my face and masked their true self and left me in the dust and nvr talked to me again - so I automatically became wary of making new friends due to my past unhappy experiences - I am part of a group of friends but I don’t rlly feel a proper connection w them as they don’t have those struggles that I do, regarding my Asperger’s, ADHD/ADD, OCD, Anxiety, Depression, and mild stammer. I’ve nvr rlly had a girl show interest in me either, and I chatted to one in my yr who had a jerk asshole bf and our friendship ended pre badly and have nvr talked since - I’m certain I’ll be a virgin forever and that I’m an ugly nobody - girls have gossipped about me in the past, calling me ‘disgusting’ and ‘weird’. And also, most of the guys in my yr group at school make hitting on girls so ez, and I feel that any girl is out of my league coz of those boyz status socially. I feel I don’t belong and I feel different, and that no one understands me - if someone, boy or girl doesn’t matter, is interested in contacting me, I would rlly appreciate it - however I don’t want a person who acts like my friend and acts the opposite - if u rlly are interested and feel the same way or can relate to it in a similar way, feel free to send me an email so we can chat - my gmail is - gamergenie2022@gmail.com - looking forward to hearing from someone

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