Aspergers & Heredity


Is Aspergers hereditary?


There is a strong genetic component with Aspergers, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you will inherit it from your parents, or that your children will inherit from you, only that you have a higher likelihood of having Aspergers than the general population if someone in your family has Aspergers. If both parents have autism or Aspergers, there is an even greater likelihood that they will have children with autism or Aspergers, but it does not mean that all or any of their children will. Ongoing research is attempting to determine causes of autism spectrum disorders, but there are still many unanswered questions.


Anonymous said...

If my boyfriend has it and I don't could one of our children have it?

Anonymous said...

Maybe my girlfriend seems to have it and we've been told our daughter has it in fact people commenting on our daughter lead to us looking more closely at the mothers difficultlys after researching were sure they both have it but I hope our future children wont.

Lexi our daughter headbuts things if she gets upset , aranges toys in formations and gets angry if they topple or she can't do what she wants to. She's really shy of new faces and hides behind her hands.

The mother my partner is pretty shy, she can't take criticism and blames me for everything if I say something that upsets her. Dayly tasks she can do then can't do or forgets how to its pretty stressful sometimes instead of acknowledging it she would rather leave me which is the worst thing.

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