Social Stories to Teach Social Skills to Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Children with high-functioning autism are often perplexed when it comes to picking up social cues. Social stories for children with behavior problems due to ASD help to teach these skills in an easy and direct way that children better understand. Social stories for children with behavior problems help teach more appropriate social skills. Kids on the spectrum don't just pick up social skills, so social stories can provide a great tool in teaching a skill in a direct way. Social stories help to give children a better understanding of other people's thoughts, feelings and views. They also help the ASD student to better predict another person's behavior based on his/her actions. Social stories present various situations in a structured and direct way so that the youngster can understand a situation without having to "read between the lines". Social stories are written from the youngster's perspective. They are simply illustrated using uncluttered drawin

Does My Child Really Have ASD?

"We have a diagnosis of ASD from our pediatrician, but our counselor is telling me that she does not agree with the diagnosis because my son is very social with her and he always makes eye contact. He has ASD traits and then some that are not."    ==> Click here for the full article...    

Aspergers Children and School Refusal

Question My 14yr old boy dropped out of school 2 years ago. Our present psychologist is very dismissive of his diagnosis although 2 psychiatrists have diagnosed him as having Asperger's complicated by separation anxiety and severe generalised anxiety disorder. I think his refusal to go to school stem from his Asperger's and his disposition to anxiety but our psychologist is saying that it's pure defiance. I am so afraid that he will end up in a wrong residential setting that is not equipped to deal with his autism if we cannot get the HSE to see that it's not just behavioural. He was on Prozac and Seroquil to help with behavioural problems and I wonder should he go back on Prozac while trying to return to school? He was placed in a residential school last year but unfortunately it was a bad placement and he had to be removed. He is high functioning with above average intelligence and they placed him (against my wishes) in a school for children with severe le

Aspergers Adults and Independence

Question My 19 yr old son has recently been diagnosed with Aspergers. He managed to get through high school and although we did have some concerned and sought help, we were told that all he needed to do was to mature. The trigger for his diagnosis came when he was away for his first year college and failed every class. This last year has been one of trying to understand what happened, getting the diagnosis and trying to figure out where to go from there. He has been unable to keep a job. He works for a few months then just stops going to work. He does not seem to be very interested in finding work or going back to school. He has a few interest (music, Japanese, Magic cards and of course computer games) but the only thing he has any focus with is his computer games and the magic cards. He says he would like to be a writer, but spends little time actually writing. He does not communicate very much with us but does seem comfortable with his psychologist. My concern is that