Rigidity & Defiance in Kids with Aspergers & High-Functioning Autism

Many of the conversations your ASD son or daughter has had have generally been about knowledge and facts, not about feelings, opinions, and interactions. As a result, your "special needs" child does not really know how the world works.

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•    Anonymous said... great video...sent to all my family - nice details helps explain it all
•    Anonymous said... Love the info I get from this page. Lately my 4yr old thinks because we count to 3 to warn him his behaviour is not appropriate and if he continues we take his game away that he can count to 3 then do as he wishes, finding it very hard to define parent and child roles and this video made it clear to me some of the reasons why that is so, Thank you
•    Anonymous said... My son thinks he is the only expert. His biggest issue is getting angry at everyone who likes anything that he does not like, such as a cartoon character or animal. He says that they have tiny brains and are trying to control his mind if they do not like something that he does or if they ask him to change the subject. I have tried explaining it millions of times...It seems to plague him constantly...any suggestions?
•    Anonymous said... VERY helpful and clear explanation. I really wish everyone could "get" this.

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