Aspergers Teenagers and Problems with Depression

All teenagers experience depression from time to time due to the normal pressures faced during adolescents. Also, people with Aspergers (high functioning autism) experience depression occasionally due to dealing with the symptoms associated with the disorder. So, little wonder why a teenager WITH Aspergers may have more than his fair share of depression symptoms.

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Anonymous said...

I have a 12-year-old son who was thought to have autism at age 2 with an "official" diagnosis of high-functioning autism at age 4, although school testing has pointed more towards Aspergers. To top things off, he was also diagnosed with type 1 (juvenile) diabetes earlier this year.

Colt loves school and has been receiving A's and A-'s so far this year. He is well-behaved in the school setting and teachers tell me he is a hard worker and love having him in their classes.

A big issue is social. He prefers to be alone rather than be with people. He has acquaintances at school that are nice and friendly with him but really no actual friends. He is perfectly content staying home playing with his cars, playing video or computer games, or reading and doing homework.

He is also very anxious and OCD. He likes things perfectly routine and on schedule. Gets very anxious if things aren't exactly on schedule, if something is out of place, or if doors and windows aren't closed and locked before we leave home or at bedtime.

He started school in a special ed classroom in preschool with occupational therapy, adaptive physical education, and speech therapy. He was released from the special ed classroom at the end of 3rd grade and mainstreamed with resource help. All therapies have been eventually phased out as he improved. He is in 7th grade at junior high school where he takes 3 resource classes and 5 mainstream classes. All IEP goals are academic pertaining to his resource classes.

I'm looking forward to being more active in this group and listening to your comments and suggestions.

depression treatments said...

They are still young and they think they have all the problems in the world. They haven't even experienced the real stress in life yet. Hopefully they realize that. Life is short and you should enjoy it.

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