Dealing with Self-Stimulation Behaviors

"What can be done about  an autistic child (high functioning) who does things repeatedly like rocking back and forth, spinning and flipping objects, making strange vocal noises over and over again? This constant non-stop behavior can be so annoying (and embarrassing) at times."
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  1. idk but my son does this to and he is 11 parents suggest getting them to try snapping fingers but honestly thats part of what comforts them it stimulates them when they feel out of structure or routine (ps) my ex childs bio dad also left said i waz crazy but new step dad stayed been more understanding than anyonelse good luck support groups really work

  2. This is our world too, but we try to find other points of interest but it gets really heard sometimes when you don't have the support you need.

  3. When I realize it's becoming repetitive, I ask Eli to practice deep breathing. He says it doesn't work, but he's getting better at it. Even if it only works for a few minutes, it's a break for me!

  4. Mine rocks in the car.Shakes the entire car.Has done some form of rocking from early babyhood.

  5. you dont its the way your child is and to be embaressed or annoyed by it I dont get I would never try and change my sons behaviors if you can handel it go into a diff room and give your self a time out but its who they are and its how thye cope with the world and if your out in public dont be embaressed if someone gives you a look be upfront and tell them your child had aspegers it helps educate people

  6. This brought back memories for me; I'd forgotten all the bizarre stimmies my son used to do. As he developed he began to realize it was not typical behaviour and that it made other kids uncomfortable and even pull away. He slowly managed to confine it to home and eventually grew out of it. Now, at 15, it seems like it never happened, a very distant memory. Hopefully, your child will mature out of it too.