The 10 Best Essential Oils for Anxious Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Parents would do well to give a few of these essential oils a try as they relate to calming children who experience more than their fair share of anxiety and lack of focus:

1. Bergamot Oil: Often used to reduce pain caused by headaches and muscle tension. Known as an excellent mood enhancer, it's considered a great essential oil for kids on the autism spectrum. It's a relaxant and has a calming effect and can reduce feelings of stress in the "special needs" child.

2. Cedarwood Oil: This essential oil can help young people on the autism spectrum who also have ADHD. It has calming and relaxing properties that promote the release of serotonin, which is then converted into melatonin in the brain. This can help kids on the spectrum to enjoy restorative and peaceful sleep.

3. Chamomile Oil: It's one of the best oils when it comes to coping with anxiety. According to a study published on Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and Pharmacognosy Review, inhaling chamomile vapors has a calming effect and promotes relaxation. 

4. Frankincense Oil: For kids on the autism spectrum who also have ADHD, frankincense oil helps them stay focused. It's also known to help reduce anxiety and other negative emotions.

5. Lavender Oil: Has a calming effect on kids, improves sleep quality, and reduces  emotional stress.

6. Mandarin Oil: Useful for reducing insomnia and managing gut issues (e.g., leaky gut syndrome). It's particularly appealing because of its sweet, citrusy scent. It can also help reduce stress levels.

7. Peppermint Oil: Aside from lavender, peppermint is possibly one of the most versatile of all oils on the planet. It's perfect for kids with autism and ADHD because it gives a cooling sensation and produces a calming effect. It's also known to help improve mental focus.

8. Sandalwood Oil: One of the major benefits is that it promotes mental clarity -- especially when used with a diffuser. It also has a calming effect that can be helpful for "special needs" kids. 

9. Vetiver Oil: A study conducted by Dr. Terry Friedman revealed that Vetiver oil benefits kids with ADHD. The oil’s relaxing properties are said to help combat the symptoms of ADHD and ADD (e.g., difficulty concentrating, easily distracted, etc.).

10. Ylang Ylang Oil: This oil has effective sedative and anti-depressant properties.


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