Teaching The Anxious Aspergers Student

Teaching students with Aspergers or High-Functioning Autism who also experience social anxiety in the classroom WILL be challenging. School can be difficult for Aspergers students without the anxiety issue, but it is especially difficult for the anxious “Aspie.” If you are a teacher of an anxious student with Aspergers, knowing how to encourage and foster a good environment for learning is paramount.

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  1. I love this article. Am going to translate it into Icelandic and give my sons teacher when the school starts again.

  2. My son is entering into the 7th grade and when I called a meeting with all of his teachers to explain that my son had extreme anxiety and sometimes acted out in nervous and impulsive ways, they all looked puzzled. This is a tough subject to approach as the child gets older and for some reason special educators have a hard time understanding it. Anxiety has components all it's own. You really have to understand it. Not easy.

  3. I go to school with a kid who has Aspergers. I really don't know if he's socially anxious, but this definitely helps, even for me.


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