Limiting "Special Interests" in Children with Aspergers and HFA

Should parents limit their child's time spent on just one or two "special interests" or passions?

The Aspergers Comprehensive Handbook

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  1. Hello,
    parent of very high functioning Aspie teen, almost adult now. I wanted to share my experience. My son's limiting interests were very morbid when young, and thus kept social activity to a minimal even if one could overlook his 'weird' behavior, as kids didn't like the interest he had. I was exuberant when this fixation was replaced with video games and movies. Now that he is older and feels safer, with more coping skills, he feels safe to go out to do some outside physical fitness activities and school. I wanted to say that he fixates on those things now, too. And while the interests are more vaired, the fixation is as rigid as before. What I noticed was that initiating conflict around new interests was very hard to do, especially when he was young because he did not feel safe in the world. I did push him in that I did not allow spooky stuff talk or fantasy at a certain point and kept the rule for years with everyone who interacted with him. When he felt more safe in the world he then became more open to 'normal' peer fixations and thus progressed. But I think it's important to pick you battles wisely and if there is another battle that is more essential, removing or limiting a fixation may upset other gains you can make. Just my opinion based on my experiences. Again, a wonderfully insightful talk. Thank you!