Aspergers Children and Poor Concentration

Why children with Aspergers and High-Functioning Autism have difficulty concentrating -- and what parents and teachers can do about it:

Teaching Students with Aspergers and HFA


  1. Thank you for this video!

    Here are some tips that helped our son cope at school

    1. The teacher works with a 'time timer' which helps him by seeing the time frame in a visual way

    2. We use headphones and classical music while he is working and sometimes the teacher moves him to another space which is less hectic. If possible he turns his chair around to face the wall while working.

    3. after the teacher explains what needs to be done to the whole class he get's an extra one on one minute to make sure he follows (when possible).

    4. For every task he finishes on time he gets to choose what he wants to do after. So in our case his obsession is cars - he gets to do something related to cars.

  2. Thanks for that info. it really explains the reasons behind the behaviour we are seeing, and it also really helped me understand the power of that inner world for both my son and daughter.
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