Parenting Tips for Raising Aspies

Here are some important parenting strategies, specific to the Aspergers condition:

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  1. My son is 16, dx with AS. He has anger issues...mainly at home and aimed at us (parents). He will not accept any help/assistance from us. He is passing all his classes but could do so much better in school. He won't study or apply himself. His IQ is about 98 but his self-esteem in low. He hates school and is so hard to get up in the morning. The only medicine he is on now is Adderall XR and Geodon in a.m. and pm. He says he wants to join the marines but won't go down to talk to anyone. I think he is just saying it to say it. He is in 10th grade and just wants to fit in and be with friends of which he has 4.
    How do you help someone who doesn't want help. He doesn't want to be the one to won program at school. He does go to therapy every other week? He refuses to join anything at school (anxiety and not very coordinated for athletics and can not run). Other clubs are as he said for "geeks and nerds". Help


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