Going on Vacation: 20 Tips for Parents with Aspergers Children

 "We're planning a family vacation for the end of this month. Past vacations have been super stressful due to our child's  tantrums and meltdowns (he has high functioning autism). His behavior turns what would be a very relaxing time into ...honestly, pure hell. We're almost glad to get back home so our son can get back into his usual routine (i.e., comfort zone). Any tips on how to make this next trip less of a headache?"

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  1. These are great tips. It is always harder to spend a vacation if your child has Aspergers. But this doesnt mean that you should not try to enjoy the most out of these breaks. It may be fun if you managed to control the situation.

  2. This group explains so much of my son's behaviors over the years before diagnosis! Thank you!

  3. My son was just officially diagnosed. He is 8. The school has said for two years that he was autistic but since he has been able to communicate, I brushed it off. Now reading up on all this stuff, it makes more sense.


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