Helping Aspergers and HFA Children Deal with Disappointments

"How can I help my 14-year-old child with high functioning autism to handle disappointments? Almost on a daily basis, he feels mistreated by one of his friends, or something at school doesn’t go just right, or he gets into trouble here at home and receives an undesirable consequence. I don’t want to send him into a depression – but at the same time, I want him to be more resilient and responsible. Also, I’ve heard you talk about how we, as parents of autistic children, tend to be over-protective – and the damage that we do as a result of this kind of parenting. Is there some way I can help him without being over-protective?"

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  1. Hi,I haven't ever commented on here but the dad with the extremely angry 4 year old,have you come across Pathological Demand Avoidance? Otherwise known as PDA,can often occur alongside autism.Might be worth looking into?


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