Anxiety Management in Aspergers: 25 Tips for Parents

Anxiety can't be measured or observed except through its behavioral manifestation, either verbal or nonverbal (e.g., crying, complaining of a stomachache or headache, crawling under the table, becoming argumentative, etc.).

In this post, we will look at the following:
  • 25 ways parents can help their child to manage anxiety
  • psychological treatments
  • behavioral therapies
  • cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • psychotherapy
  • environmental treatments
  • psychopharmacological treatments

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  1. Understanding anxiety was the key to progress for us. Your child cannot accept, learn and adapt while they remain anxious. We relieved anxiety by removing its sources, such as overscheduling, noise etc (and in our case, even changing schools!). Only once his anxiety had reduced (and allied depression disappeared) did we then start working, successfully, on issues one by one by one...My key realisation was that I am my son's "safe place". He doesn't need any stress from me, on top of everything else!

  2. Thanks for these tips. I think the best one is the exercise advice. My son has shown some incredible "lights are on" behaviors since he joined the Lacrosse Team at his high school.

  3. I find your articles very helpful as I have very recently realized it is what I am dealing with my daughter. I have explained to her what I believe she/we are dealing with and it has helped a lot. I would also in the future like to take you up on your offer to pay a fee and be able to ask your advice in the future on specific issues that may come up from time to time. Thank you again for providing this service, I can honestly say it has helped to make the difference for me and my daughter.


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