ASD Kids & Behavioral Problems at School

Question: I have a 7 year old son who has yet to be diagnosed but, it is looking as if he has ASD. He is having major behavioural problems at school which include hitting other children, staff etc. He is an only child and although there are some behaviour issues at home, the main problem is when he is in a group situation like school. Has anyone else had this experience and if so what did you do? 
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  1. very useful for me. my seven year old son is hardly in school because of his behaviour. The suggestions here have helped me to reflect on ways i can help my son and how i must watch what i say in front of my son, especially when at my wits end with the school! thnks. Trish Brice

  2. As a teacher who is doing her best to make school rewarding for my 13 year old asperger boy, I am disappointed that there doesn't seem to be any positive response to teachers who try everything to make inclusion work while not causing other students to lose out on learning time.

    My asperger boy has become increasing violent this year. Tripping students, shoving has evolved to threatening a teacher, trying to stab a teacher with a pencil, to punching another student in the face.

    It is a balancing act of maintaining an environment he can handle and coping with daners to myself and the other students.

    For striking another student in the face, he recieved one day out of school, but is making that up on Saturday. That was his only punishment. For attempting to stab me, he got no discipling because he was unsuccessful.

    I don't mean to be negative. His parents are some of the best I have ever dealt with and I will continue to work hard if for no other reason than helping them, but what about the safety of the other students?

  3. My daughter currently receives 450 min. of resource time. 150 for language arts and 300 for math. She has been bringing home a lot of D's and F's. The teacher has said that she can correct the papers and bring them back for a higher grade.

    Here's my issue. She is to correct them at home. So, I am to allow her to correct them at home. To me, this is wrong because she is supposed to receive help with math and language arts work. If she doesn't still understand what is asked of her to do, she won't be able to raise her grade. And it would be up to me to help her here at home. When she is supposed to have "help" at school.

    Just wondering how you would handle this. She is in 5th-grade and are doing a team-taught system now instead of being pulled for resource.

  4. What they won't think of to get out of actually remediating....ugh.

    I would probably request she be put back into resource, assuming then (and having it stipulated in writing) that she would get the 1-1 support that she is needing. The reason you ask is obviously (to us anyway,lol) that this is not working. You just have to repeat that phrase constantly at the meeting. They set up a model of something and so everyone does it - whether it works for them or not. Well, it will take a bit of pushing to get her into something outside of the model they have going. But you have to work at it since she is just going to keep going along, failing, if left where she is. Sending her home with the work for you to deal with is so lazy and wrong. She SHOULD be getting help with what she is not getting at school. You can support at home, but not actually teach the concepts. That shows how it isn't working.

    I understand the position you are in and have done it a million times, it feels like! The school has a specific way of doing things and you will walk in and ask for something different because "the way it's always done" or "The way we do it here" is not working for your dd. Stick with it, push and make it change for her. They CAN provide what she needs, they just may say otherwise unless you make it happen. My kids have had everything from 1-1 tutoring during school hours to providing a different text book for the material because they weren't learning with the new-fangled way it was being taught. You just have to keep focusing on what it is she needs to succeed and push for that.

    And one more thing - this idea that she can correct it at home does not change the fact that she faces failure every single day. Nobody will even consider that part of the equation! Seeing a D or F daily is NOT a good thing and just reinforces to her mind that she is stupid. She has to be taught where she is currently at and move forward from there to gain confidence and improve. So if she needs a complete 1-1 pull out from Math to start actually learning, then that's what it takes. You have to think, "How can she learn the material?" and request that, no matter what model they have set up for everyone else. Keep their focus on the fact that this is not working. And when they say, "But she can correct them..." ugh, try not to smack anyone. lol. But do let them know that this is not learning anything but failure. I sometimes have no faith in the system. ugh......

  5. Hi my son is 12 and is also in 6th grade. He has been diagnosed w/ aspergers,adhd, aniexty,and depression. He has had a IEP since kindergarden. In order for him to get help we had to have the his councelers/doctors write a letter stating what his diagnoses was. Just keep fighting with the school don't give up. I used to get phone calls every week from my sons school. He has gotten many inschool suspentions and was suspended twice. Things have gotten a little better since he gets more help and is with a teacher who specializes with kids who have aspergers or autism. So don't give up it can get better.

  6. I will never give up fighting for my son!! The school has everything. All the evaluations. Everything they have asked for I have given them. They just don't want to "deal" with him. And he is the sweetest child u could ever meet. Not a mean bone in his body, so its not like he poses any threat to anyone. I had to take him home Thursday because he said "I have a diabolical plan" they asked if that was a threat n my son completely surprised said no. His diabolical plan. To skip the prom and after the marriage years become a famous actor--maybe be the next johnny depp. That "terrified" the other kids n class. So it wasn't a punishment, yet I had to bring him home from school. Am I the only one confused at this?

  7. Come to Saint Augustine, Florida!!! The schools are A+++ rated and my son's school is AWESOME in regards to his ADHD, PDD and Aspergers. They are incredibly caring and kind and put him on an IEP and 504 plan when I asked. I would never live in a school district that treated my son the way yours is. Best of luck to you! keep fighting for your son! This is his "shot" and it's up to you to give him the best chance. I moved from Kansas and they were a lot like are describing, very non-understanding and uncompassionate toward my son's situation. His previous teacher there actually told me one day, "You need to do something about your son. He is unteachable." Really???!?!?!?!?!?

  8. I have his guidance counselor on tape saying socially he's hopeless. Yet the school doesn't have a problem with it. I also had the principal tell me when he got held down at recess n hit in the junk that he brings it on himself because he annoys the kids in class. Let me tell u she did not like what I had to say.

  9. It's so beyond frustrating,dealing w his teacher. 9 yr. Old
    A.s. he has been suspended 3 x and one in school suspension. They saY no kid want to play w him ,that they complain about him. Now they tKe the words of kids and suspend him. His teacher said to Baker act him over locking .me out the house how far out there can u get as teacher. He is in inclusion class w 11 other students. She suspended him for scratching on the cement something he saw on the history pulling my hair out .


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