Help for Sensory Sensitivities in Aspergers Kids

"Is it possible that my (high functioning) son’s sensory problems contribute to his meltdowns? What are some of the things I should be aware of that may set him off?"

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  1. Hilary Ann Baird
    alot of things can factor into a meltdown, sensativity, social anxiety, bullying etc, when a child with austim has a melt down its often bc they are experiancing panic and anxiety, and if they dont understand that its just anxiety it can make them feel upste, they dont have tantrums bc its fun, or to get attention, its linked to panic disorder. Im 24 and have aspergers and I had meltdowns as a child due to panic attacks, and these things cause them.

  2. I agree with the comment anonymous said. I'm almost 27 and I also have HFA and it was so frustrating going threw ABA therapy and never ever helped me. All the teachers neglected me and my School therapist like my speech therapist ot and pt never really helped and nor did my immediate house family.I was constantly a bother and I'm still called that especially last year when my grandma passed away. I tried to committe suicide many times since I was 12 and several Times after that. I was abused by my family teachers church kids neighbors and the whole world. So I don't think ABA therapy does anything for anyone. I don't think it's very helpful for any kid and I don't recommend it and I'm against it.


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