Teaching Aspergers and HFA Students Using Visual Imagery

"What would be the most important teaching strategy to use with my students who are on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum?"

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  1. This is really interesting, I have never considered if I think visually or in words, as a dancer I pick up movement sequences like a machine, but I have a hard time recalling other information, like the title of a book I just finished or the name of a band. At school I did well at things I could see.. bar charts, but mental maths is still not there.
    Do these things make sense or am I way off the mark??

    Aspergers myself and doing my best to help my aspergers son.

  2. My aspie son is a kinesthetic learner. He has been able to take a couple of college classes, but with much difficulty. I feel his time is running out at the community college because they are not geared for this scenario.
    Any suggestions where to go from here? ROP classes don't fit the bill for what his goals are. (computer game or video design)