Coping with Obsessions and Rituals in Aspergers Kids

One of the hallmarks of Asperger's is the development of obsessive thinking and the performing of ritual behaviors done to reduce stress and anxiety. This type of behavior can later meet the criteria in adulthood for OCD. Kids on the autism spectrum often have an obsessive interest in a particular subject, and they may be very inflexible in their habits and may rigidly adhere to certain routines or rituals. These obsessions and compulsions are believed to be biological in origin, which means that it is very difficult to go to therapy or just talk the child out of the rituals.

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  1. It's part of aspergers for sure. They don't handle any change well

  2. I don't think it's down to OCD my 6 year old is the same. He doesn't get upset with other changes in the house just his room. Like Lisa said its their sanctuary where they can feel safe and need that control.

  3. My 11yr old with Aspergers is the total opposite, his room is generally a tip unless I tidy it up! He doesn't seem to see the mess, and our ideas of "clearing up the bedroom" differ greatly!

  4. My 11 uswest old Aspie is the same as Sues. He doesn't seem to see the mess. Ocd can run with Aspergers, I'd get it checked. My family has ocd running in it and they act like that, with out Aspergers.
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  5. Its for sure aspergers. My son is very compulsive about certain things too.

  6. every person with aspergers is uniqe in everyone but could be a bit of both the bedroom is definaly a sanctuary maybe try routine days and have her help pick sheets or dust to feel a part of in her comfort zone

  7. My eldest has amazing attention to detail, it's often really useful though it does mean that he notices everything even things you'd rather he hadn't. Ha Ha Sue, my son sees the mess but doesn't see the point in tidying. He'll do stuff if you ask and encourage him to do it then and there and he'll get satisfaction from doing it but the connections aren't there to do much without encouragement. He's not able to organise himself much and he's easily distracted if his hearts not in it. He'll get totally absorbed in the things that float his boat though.

  8. this sounds very like my a/s husband,even if a yogurt is missing from the fridge,he notices,grrr,every thing in its place,so yes its all part of it,and can you imagin it being your husband?

  9. My 11 year old is like Sue and Jennifer's. I don't go in his room often because it's always such a mess and helping him clean it is such a process because of the way he wants things done that unless I'm committed to basically spending my entire weekend working with him on his room then it stays a pig sty.

  10. We just threw out an old sofa from the playroom; stuffing was coming out-so nasty-and my son had such a meltdown. Finally I let him keep one cushion. I guess he was attached to it from playing his video games on it.

  11. My son id 13 today, and jis room is a total pig sty.. some how during the night his sheets come off the bed, i really dont know how he sleeps there. he also likes his ceiling fan on at night. ive had to hide the remote controls, snd hes fine (its almost winter here)....