Parenting Aspergers Teens: Changes in Adolescence

Because they tend to be loners and have odd mannerisms, Aspergers teens can be shunned from popular groups of kids -- and can be the focus of teasing. Even so, these young people develop feelings for others they become attracted to, though they can’t always express their feelings correctly. This can lead to frustration and anger in the adolescent who develops his first tentative relationships. They are more likely to face rejection from their peers and be left with a low self-esteem as a result.


  1. Patience, Patience, Patience, lots of emotional guidance and support.... and did I mention Patience?

  2. Mine turned 13 in Feb. I've found being open and honest and actually randomly discussing HIS asperger's has been a huge help. He's now old (mature?) enough to understand it and apply it to his life so that he's not embarrassed. As teens they are MUCH more aware of their akward social skills and they long to "fit in".

  3. Omg, If that's him up there in that picture, plz tell him that he probably is one of the most handsome guys I've ever seen!☺️ I'm a 13 year old girl turning 14 in Marts, but I don't have asperger and do not know much about it��


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