Aspergers and Dietary/Therapeutic Considerations

Aspergers and high functioning autism are neurobiological disorders that has no known cause or cure. For this reason, a number of alternative therapies have been tried to improve the symptoms of Aspergers and other spectrum disorders.

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  1. I am not a firm believer in the gluten/casein free diet, but I am a huge advocate on food sensitivities affecting our ASD kids in a marked way. A friend of mine had her ASD daughter tested for allergies and sensitivities through an alternative medicine doctor. Among the MANY sensitivities there was an issue with wheat, but no issues with casein. She adjusted her child's diet to avoid as many of the foods on that list as she could and the change in her daughter's behavior was HUGE!

  2. We've been using Natural Factors' brand "Tranquil Sleep" for our ASD son and entire family for the last month, and it has helped all of us feel more rested. Our DS15 seems to be sleeping better and uses more language since we started this. It's a combo of melatonin, 5-HTP and L-theanine. And the chewables taste really good.

  3. We tracked my aspie son's diet for a month. Turned out it was food dyes, especially RED dyes. After doing some research, we all are avoiding the dyes as much as possible now! They are some NASTY, nasty stuff! The change in my son is remarkable. It has really changed my thinking about what causes autisim spectrum problems.

  4. Any artificial colours, especially orange / red / yellow, MSG, aspartame and gluten. He's also better dairy free but it doesn't make a huge enough difference. There are other triggers as well (apples, almonds and other cyanides) but those aren't generally in his diet so we don't actively avoid them. He's nearly 18 now and extremely good at self-policing his diet. Just as well since he's heading off to University in the autumn.

  5. We had my son tested for food allergies and eliminated those items as well as artificial flavors and colors. He is on fish oil, attentive child, ginko, melatonin (to sleep) and b-12 complex. Most people meet him and never have a clue he has Aspergers. It never used to be this way.
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  6. Melatonin had worked for us as well. Psychiatric sedatives do not, but Melatonin does help him sleep!

  7. a supplement called eye Q, its specificaly recommended for adults and children on spectrum,can be got in chemists here in u,k,my doctor actualy recommends it for all on spectrum,its a mix of oil of evening primrose and omega 3 fish oils,my husband and children take it,helps keep the calmer and helps concentration,but must not be taken if the person has epilepsy,
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  8. My son has allergies so I have always been very careful with his diet - but have to admit we saw a difference when changing to GFCF (Gluten Free/Casein Free) I also supplement with Omega 3 oils - Eye Q is great but unfortunately my lo cannot handle the tablets yet as he battles to swallow them. I also avoid anything with colourants or too much added sugar ....
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