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Autism & Asperger's Resources

Actors for Autism - Actors for Autism is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals in the entertainment industry who are dedicated to the advancement, education and exposure of people on the autistic spectrum.
                  - This site details natural interventions taken to help a child with Aspergers Syndrome.
Autism Conferences - Your online source for autism-related speakers, conferences, books, videos, CD-ROMS and other resources. 
Camp Huntington - Camp Huntington is a co-ed, overnight, seven-week program for children with hidden abilities. Our program offers a unique approach that we call adaptive therapeutic recreation. Our campus is located in the beautiful hamlet of High Falls, New York within the Catskill Mountain region.
Dr. Tony Attwood - Current information on Asperger's Syndrome from the world's leading expert.
FAAAS - Families of Adults Afflicted with Asperger's Syndrome.
Family Studies Research Program - The Family Studies Research Program in Mount Sinai's Department of Psychiatry conducts studies directed toward better understanding and characterizing familial/genetic factors in psychiatric disorders through molecular genetic and genetic epidemiological techniques. We are currently conducting a genetics study that involves families that have more than one child diagnosed with autism or Asperger's Syndrome.
Flint Academy - Welcoming and educating all children, in an inclusive-model school, providing a classical education within a Christian environment, and utilizing research-based, specialized education techniques for students who are advanced, typically developing, or have special education needs.
ICDRC - We hope to unfold what we know about the biology of autism, and we hope to share our experiences in diagnosing and treating the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms which manifest the neurobehavioral patterns we refer to as autism.
Innovative Concepts for the Autistic Network - This web site is the creation of Laura Elliott, a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist, who has worked with high functioning autistic students from preschool to high-school age.
Liane Holiday Willey's ASPIE page - Liane's safe and enjoyable virtual hang out for those interested in learning and sharing about Asperger's Syndrome.
Living with, Understanding, and Overcoming Autism - Living with, Understanding, and Overcoming Autisms provides facts and animations documenting a fifteen year research project using Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung’s concepts to understand, then overcome autism, Asperger Syndrome and a Savant Brain.
MAAP Services - Maap Services, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information and advice to families of More advanced individuals with Autism, Asperger's syndrome, and Pervasive developmental disorder (PDD).
Personal Coaching Systems - In Los Angeles, PCS #1 serves non-public school students, specializing in autism spectrum disorders, including Asperger's Syndrome. We also serve students diagnosed with mental retardation, emotional disturbance, and severely handicapped.
Sacarin Listening, Movement and Development Center - Sacarin Listening Movement and Development Center integrates the Tomatis - Auditory Training Method, Sensory-Motor Integration, and neuro-cognitive consulting. Interactive Metronome and qEEG are complementary tools we offer to help our young clients to reach excellence. Our parent consulting and coaching is a central piece in providing an effective and brief intervention solution to children and their families.

Stone Mountain School - Summer programs for children with high-functioning autism and Aspergers, as well as those with ADHD and Learning Disabilities. Outdoor adventure camp in western North Carolina, with three 2-week sessions.
TEACCH Home Page - The page Features information about TEACCH and articles about autism by TEACCH professionals.
The Autism Tissue Program - This is a joint effort of the Autism Society of America (ASA), the National Alliance for Autism Research (NAAR) and the M.I.N.D. (Medical Investigation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders) Institute at the University of California, Davis to help understand the developmental disorder of autism.
The BHARE foundation - The purpose of this web page is to provide you, the parent, with information about the different options that are used in the treatment of autism.
The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding - The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting social understanding between individuals with autism spectrum disorders and those who interact with them in the home, school, workplace, and community. We hold an annual international conference, and provide support groups and workshops in the Grand Rapids, MI area. We sell and develop resources relevant to ASD. We are the official web site for Carol Gray and Social Stories™.
The Harris School - The mission of the Child Development Center of the Houston-Galveston Psychoanalytic Institute is to further the emotional health and educational development of young children.
The Monarch School - A therapeutic school in Houston Texas serving Children with PDD, autisim, asperger's syndrome and executive functioning disorder.
The New England Center for Children - An organization dedicated to providing comprehensive educational services to children with autism and related disabilities from the initial diagnosis to adulthood.
Unlocking Autism - Opening the doors to autism awareness.
Wisconsin Early Autism Project - The clinical staff of the Wisconsin Early Autism Project have many years of experience specializing in the treatment of autistic children, and the effectiveness of our program is backed by solid research. We are directly affiliated with Dr. Lovaas, who pioneered this successful treatment of autism at UCLA.

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My child has been rejected by his peers, ridiculed and bullied !!!

Social rejection has devastating effects in many areas of functioning. Because the Aspergers child tends to internalize how others treat him, rejection damages self-esteem and often causes anxiety and depression. As the child feels worse about himself and becomes more anxious and depressed – he performs worse, socially and intellectually.

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How to Prevent Meltdowns in Aspergers Children

Meltdowns are not a pretty sight. They are somewhat like overblown temper tantrums, but unlike tantrums, meltdowns can last anywhere from ten minutes to over an hour. When it starts, the Asperger's child is totally out-of-control. When it ends, both you and the Asperger’s child are totally exhausted. But... don’t breathe a sigh of relief yet. At the least provocation, for the remainder of that day -- and sometimes into the next - the meltdown can return in full force.

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Parenting Defiant Aspergers Teens

Although Aspergers is at the milder end of the autism spectrum, the challenges parents face when disciplining a teenager with Aspergers are more difficult than they would be with an average teen. Complicated by defiant behavior, the Aspergers teen is at risk for even greater difficulties on multiple levels – unless the parents’ disciplinary techniques are tailored to their child's special needs.

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Older Teens and Young Adult Children With Aspergers Still Living At Home

Your older teenager or young “adult child” isn’t sure what to do, and he is asking you for money every few days. How do you cut the purse strings and teach him to be independent? Parents of teens with Aspergers face many problems that other parents do not. Time is running out for teaching their adolescent how to become an independent adult. As one mother put it, "There's so little time, yet so much left to do."

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Parenting Children and Teens with High-Functioning Autism

Two traits often found in kids with High-Functioning Autism are “mind-blindness” (i.e., the inability to predict the beliefs and intentions of others) and “alexithymia” (i.e., the inability to identify and interpret emotional signals in others). These two traits reduce the youngster’s ability to empathize with peers. As a result, he or she may be perceived by adults and other children as selfish, insensitive and uncaring.

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Highly Effective Research-Based Parenting Strategies for Children with Asperger's and HFA

Become an expert in helping your child cope with his or her “out-of-control” emotions, inability to make and keep friends, stress, anger, thinking errors, and resistance to change.

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